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Test house continues accreditation and extends scope

Great news for our test house today our new UKAS scope has been published.

We put in some hard work this year and we have added elevated temperature tensile testing and Tantalum element recognition to our OES.

This now takes our scope to cover the following

Mechanical Tests
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Castings, Forgings, Plate, Pipes and Tubes


Tensile at ambient temperature (Forces 0.3 to 600 kN); ASTM A370-17, ASTM E8/E8M-16a, BS EN ISO 6892-1: 2016
Tensile at elevated temperature from 100°C to 500°C (Forces 2kN to 600 kN); ASTM E21-09, BS EN ISO 6892-2: 2011


Charpy - V notch (Temperature -102C to ambient and at -196°C); ASTM A370-17, ASTM E23-16b, BS EN ISO 148-1: 2016
Lateral Expansion Fracture appearance (% shear); ASTM A370-17, ASTM E23-16b, BS EN ISO 148-1: 2016


Brinell (10/3000 HBW) ; ASTM A370-17, ASTM E10-15a, BS EN ISO 6506-1: 2014
Rockwell (HRB & HRC); ASTM A370-17, ASTM E18-16, BS EN ISO 6508-1: 2016
Vickers (HV10 & HV30); ASTM E92-17, BS EN ISO 6507-1: 2005

Metallurgical Tests
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Castings, Forgings, Plate, Pipes and Tubes (cont’d)

Average Grain size (Comparison method) ;ASTM E112-13
Volume fraction; ASTM E562-11


Determination of Resistance to Pitting & Crevice Corrosion ASTM G48-11(2015) (Method A)

Determination of Susceptibility to Inter-granular attack ASTM A262-15 (Practise E)

Method for Detecting Detrimental Inter-metallic Phase ASTM A923-14 (Method C)

Elemental Analysis

Optical Emission Spectroscopy; C, Si, Mn, P, S, Ni, Cr, Mo, Cu, Sn, Nb, V, Co, Ti, Ta, B, Al, W, As, N, Documented In-House Method


Our full scope can be found here on the UKAS website, 

We cover UK wide collection with our courier service or local collection with Pete in the van so get in touch with your testing requirements.

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