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Henry Williams achieved ISO 9001-2015

We are very pleased to announce after a recent BSI audit that we have completed our transition to ISO9001-2015

This transition is part of a larger piece of work to revamp and modernise our QMS, EMS and H&S systems inline with the recently published Annex SL ISO standard.

In order to achieve this we have redesigned and redefine our management systems into one Integrated Management System (IMS) this is build around one manual and one system for the achievement of the three key standards 9001, 14001 and 45001 (when it is released). It is designed around the risks and opportunities the business faces and the key building blocks of;

  1. Flow Chart procedures to capture of processes instead of long winded words
  2. Standard Operating Procedures, forms and documents then detail the requirements needed to meet the needs and interests of the relevant parties
  3. An all encompassing Competency Management System for all individuals in the business.

The transition of 9001 to the 2015 is the first major milestone in the implementation of this IMS and have been achieved a year ahead of the required transition date (Sept 2018).

I am really proud of the work that we have put in here at Henry Williams in particular the 12 members of the steering committee that designed and implemented the IMS within the challenging 12 month framework we set ourselves.

Andrew Nelson

Managing Director

Our new certificate can be viewed here BSI Cert 9001-2015 Oct 2017

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