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Henry Williams have been manufacturing upset forged products from stainless steel and special alloys for the mining, lifting, materials handling and agriculture vehicles for over 100 years.

The products are designed  for use within many industry applications and are supplied to UK and international customers to a variety of sizes and specifications. The advantage of using a fully forged part that has been drop or upset forged from one piece of material is it produces greater strength compared to welding and machining.

Drop forgings are manufactured on our range of Massey hammers from 1 tonne to 3 tonne complemented with a 2.5 tonne rated power hammer. We can handle unit weights from 0.2kg to 100kg. Upset forgings are manufactured on ACME and COVMAC machines and we can work with bar stock ranging from 20mm to 220mm in diameter up to an approximate length of 8 metres.

As part of our service to our customers we can carry out mechanical testing within our Darlington site laboratory, including tensile strength, impacts, MPI and non-destructive crack detection.

We offer in house heat treatment and shot blasting services including a fully modern equipped machine shop offering a comprehensive range of machining services.




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About Henry Williams

The story of Henry Williams Limited goes back to 1883, when the company was formed to manufacture control and signalling equipment for the rapidly expanding railways network. Since those historic and pioneering days, our skills have broadened, our technology has advanced with the time and our sphere of influence has widened more